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Shed and patio area _ Ultimate Sheds, Tiny houses of Michigan

*No Credit Checks * No Financials * 30 Days Same as Cash
* Buy, S
ell, and Trade in Your Old Building


Outdoor Storage, She Sheds & More

Ultimate Sheds, Tiny Houses of Michigan provides caring and trained specialists for our affordable buildings for sale with mini-houses, sheds, and steel buildings.

We specialize in your individual needs, from beginning to end as we stand out by going above and beyond to provide you with the highest customer service. We will educate you on structure information, choice selections, and financing options. Get a free consult with our team specialists either by video chat, text, or in person.

How to purchase products and buildings

  • Individualized one-on-one with a trained sales professional.

  • Video call on the custom building.

  • At-home service to sit down and design the building of your dream.  ~ Free at home estimates.

Our Story

Our Story

Ultimate Sheds is a Michigan base company. We are a family-run operation. That specializes in caring for our customers. One of the first companies to do at-home estimates on sheds, tiny houses, and steel buildings. Specializing in taking the time and making sure all aspects of the job are exactly what you planned. From disposal, buying, and trading in your old buildings. To ground leveling, sidewalks to your shed and driveways.


We believe everyone’s time is valuable and that’s why we handle all aspects of the project to ensure 100% complete customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of services and different financial options. From bank financing to no credit check RTO (rent to own). We are a qualified team, ready to serve you quickly.

Dark Wood Panels


With building standards that surpass the competition. We use proper mending plates on all of our trusses. To ensure strong lasting trusses. That last will hold up properly for long-term investment.


With strong hurricane ties holding down every truss. Shed and Tiny house that is built to take the best Mother Nature can throw at it. Our competitors can’t say that. 

With double upper top wall plate. Giving you added strength and durability for heavy snow and ice loads. Most companies only use a single plate or plywood top plate. 

With the right equipment. We can make sure your investment is properly transported. Also, low damage to the yard installing the shed and Tiny house. 

On Tiny houses and sheds, it is standard bubble wrap insulation to help prevent condensation. Another step is to make us better than the rest. 

With equally spaced 4x4 wolmanized runners. With 2x4 Floor joists on the there side (can be upgraded to 2x6). Then 3/4” flooring to cap it off. Is built to withstand the heaviest of loads on it. 


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